Welcome to, a free service providing security and management features for all netdata users!


Netdata is a distributed application. You install many netdata agents, on all your servers, containers and IoT devices. Netdata does not centralize the metrics. Your metrics are always stored on your nodes.

However, the distributed nature of netdata introduces a few issues that need to be addressed. is the solution to these issues.

Instead of centralizing the metrics, keeps track of just enough metadata to provide the following features:

For the above services, just a few metadata about each netdata are required. Not the metrics!

At the same time, we believe the community needs a hub to share and exchange knowledge related to monitoring. We plan to provide this hub, at

Is really free?

Yes, is and will always be a free service for all netdata users.

We strongly believe that the only possible way to improve our monitoring experience, is to keep always free of charge!

Who pays for it?

Currently, we pay for it.

In the future, we plan to provide, optional, subscription-based enterprise features, for companies that need them, like:

The above may be provided by us, or through third party integrations.

Does this affect the Netdata agent?

The Netdata agent is and will always be free, open-source software. We are not going "open-core" (e.g. we are not going to release two versions of Netdata, an open-source version and a closed-source one).

There will always be only one version of the Netdata agent, the one we currently love and use. We are committed in providing the best open-source monitoring solution, for free, to everyone!

The use of (free or enterprise) is optional, for all those that need the features it provides.

Can Netdata work without

Yes, of course. And it will always work without if that is what you want.

Can I install on-prem?

Yes, but not yet. Please let us know you are interested and we will contact you when we are ready.

Can you run hosted, for my company?

Yes, but not yet. Please let us know you are interested and we will contact you when we are ready.